Fruits and veg contain less micronutrients than before

combined treatment

Did you ever reflect on the composition and content of the commercials on TV? It seems to be a mixture of first promoting Wendys, or Arbys, to then enlighten the watchers of what supplements one ought to take. Are you feeling a bit blue? No more! With the new -insert random brand-, you only need to take a pill three times a day in order to get all your vitamins! Then go grab some hormone-laced milk! This is of course exaggerated, but I think most of us will agree that, intuitively, we should be able to obtain all our nutrients from the food we eat. However, I ran across an article (which is relatively old), where some German scientists had compared the micronutrient contents of some fruits and vegetables over some ten years, and found quite significant decreases (and some increases). Click the image to find a list with some of the comparisons. It’s in Swedish, but plus/minus should be straightforward, and the names of the products are not that hard to guess.

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