It all starts with knowledge and awareness

It starts with waking up. We have been taught our whole lives to be consumers. When did you last stop to think of what you do for yourself, that really makes sense? Does anyone else, or any corporation know what’s good for you? Do they have your best interests in mind? We’ve gotten our values inverted, and shape our lives after things that approach us externally, instead of materializing what we feel internally.

I re-watched the Food Matters documentary yesterday, and I feel so strongly that first of all, everyone needs to watch this, and second, that we need to start thinking! This is not rocket science. Health is not difficult! It’s confusing to us because our health systems are based on chemicals and medicines that block or inhibit functions in our body instead of helping the body facilitate its own healing mechanisms. Doctors today don’t receive training in nutrition (less than 6% of American doctors do), and the current mentality is “a pill for every ill“. Is the body a collection of separate systems and mechanisms? NO!

Guys, whatever your diet is, please take daily vitamins/supplements. There’s your medicine, and I’ll get back to why you can’t get it from your food later on. Take the vitamins. They don’t heal you, but they enable your body to heal itself.

Why do the healthcare workers not promote health through lifestyle and nutrition? Because it’s free. It doesn’t finance their activities if people don’t get sick, it certainly doesn’t fuel the pharmaceutical industry, and not the insurance companies either. If the health inspector at your local restaurant was hired and paid by the same restaurant, would you be suspicious? Is the same thing happening right in front of us regarding certain journals, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies? Well. Take the case of introducing new drugs onto the market. They need to be tested and proved to be more effective than a placebo in TWO trials. Out of how many? Just think of the name M.D. It’s right there: MEDICAL doctor. Supposedly, up to 90% of the hospitalizations in the U.S. are cases that are related to nutrition, and yet people are discharged more malnourished than when admitted, because hospital food equals Jell-O and white bread.

You say, then, that eating healthy is expensive. Well, why is it expensive? First, it can be claimed that the cheap “food” is not even food. Read the labels. Are there strange numbers and words you can’t pronounce included? Don’t. Eat. It. What would happen if people stopped consuming those products? There would be no market. Vote with your money. Second, did you look at the landscapes outside of cities though the window of a car or a plane? It doesn’t matter if we’re talking Germany or America, in my experience, all I see is corn fields. Wheat fields. Do you eat that much corn and wheat? I don’t. Cows and other animals do. You find the corn in sodas, almost all sugary things, as fillers in other goods in order to produce them more inexpensively through not making the product genuine. If we were to buy healthy things, the market would grow, and maybe we’d have apple orchards instead of fields.

So, why did I say to take vitamin supplements? There are a number of reasons. First, how old is your food? How long do you think it takes before the micronutrients start to go away? Second, how was that food even grown? How much chemicals was sprayed over the fields to enable it to grow? How much fertilizer was added to the soil? Soil needs dozens and dozens of different nutrients, yet the fertilizers we add to it only contain 3 of them. So, how can our food contain what it could? And what do we think of the source of the few nutrients that it does contain being chemical fertilizer? Third, most people heat up all their food. Enzymes and vitamin c for example are destroyed by very little heat. And, when you cook food, your immune system sometimes reacts towards it as if it was toxic by producing more white blood cells. Food should give you energy, so why are we tired after eating?

Lincoln said, that you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all the people some of the time; but you can’t fool all the people all the time. What is requested, is that we start taking responsibility.

Now, I sound like a crazy extremist even to myself sometimes. But some things just make sense. There are things to criticize in this documentary, too. The question is if there isn’t more to criticize in the status quo? And if you feel like I’m saying crazy things and overlooking stuff, please tell me – I’d love nothing more than to have these kinds of things disproven.

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