Gr-AAAAH-nola bars. Any way you like them.

What’s with the “AAAAH”-part, you wonder? It could also be Gran-OOOOOH-la, but I like the caveman style “AAAH”. BUT WHAT IS UP, you said? Well, a whole bunch of things. And I’ll tell you.

First of all, I love granola bars. I’ve loved them since I found them sitting in the pantry of my Denver family’s kitchen, on that first lost and confused morning. Seeing as I was in America, in a family home, I expected to find Fruity Pebbles and uncrustable PB&J’s, but I got lucky. Enough about that – the thing is, that I live in Amsterdam now. And for some reason, the granola bars here are 1. Super expensive, 2. Contains either dairy or honey, and 3. Nutritional value = shitty. Of course, any of these three reasons would prevent me from buying them. So, I turned to Google, who turned me to Chocolate Covered Katie. I knew about her from before, but hadn’t tried any of her recipes. Anyway, I used this recipe as a base.

Can I say a few more things about the “AAAH”, if it’s not obvious yet? Cool. I simply want to say… These bars are around 20 cents each, they are chewy, delicious, and nutritious, and they will make you dance like a fairy for hours, or, if you eat enough of them, they will, in combination with some aggressive shoes, have you send any route you are stubborn enough to rock.



Oven! 180 deg. celsius!

About 15-20 minutes in there!

5 dl rolled oats

slightly less than 2 tsp baking powder

1 dl of puffed rice/puffed quinoa/amaranth/barley wheat/more of the optionals mentioned at the end

slightly less than 2 dl of oat flour (for Swedes: use Skradmjol! for Dutchies: I don’t know. Put oats in a food processor or something. Or put nuts in the food processor. Or simply do whole wheat flour.)

1 tsp pure vanilla extract (fake vanillin is made from bark and cow poop)

slightly more than 1/2 dl coconut oil

1 dl agave/maple syrup (Dutchies: do you think appelstroop would work as a sub.?)

3-4 tpsp sweetener (I chose brown sugar)

1/4-ish teaspoon salt, slightly more towards 1/2

slightly less than 1 dl applesauce (I think I used too much, recipe says 0.6 dl, I did a whole. Perhaps mashed banana could be cool, too!)

ADD any or all of the following: cinnamon, flax seeds (your brain needs that omega-3!), chia seeds(O3 again!), raisins or any other dried fruit (fiber!), sunflower seeds (omega 6!), pumpkin seeds, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, shredded coconut – WHAT HAVE YOU!!?

Now mix..
1) Dry ingredients!
2) Wet ingredients!
3) Mix them all!
4) Squish it out into a oven tray lined with baking paper (about 25×35 cm or something), but baking paper on top, fit a cutting board within the tray, put it all on the floor and step on it so that it gets squished together.

  1. Oven.
  2. Squishy action again.
  3. Cool and cut.
  4. GET ENERGIZED, and use that energy to work your muscles so that the glucose gets metabolized and not stored! 🙂

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