Why organic?

It’s not like it tastes different, so why should we pay 50c more for products to ensure we get organic produce? I was way against that shit for a long time, mainly because I on two occasions got bugs (really nasty green larvae) in my food that I didn’t notice until I was eating. It’s a little bit funny. Of course I still don’t want critters on my plate, I don’t want to eat any animals, but now that I think about it, I’d much rater have my broccoli be bug-infested than not. Think about it; bugs live on plants. We see that all the time when we’re out and about as children. Isn’t it weird that we practically never see any of them make it to the store, considering the great quantities of food that flows through there?

I suppose we can think of several reasons. Harvesting; I don’t imagine an idyllic setting where happy farmers pick the crops by hand. Of course bugs will fall of in the process of harvesting and shipping. Time; how long ago was the produce harvested? Even if the trip to the store was gentle, time would likely kill off some bugs… But wait a minute —

– The bugs can’t have been there in the first place! If they had been, we’d see bite marks on our food! And if there was a process during which someone or something sorted out the nibbled-upon food, then wouldn’t prices be higher? Or are they already so high? Is that why organic food is more expensive, because of lesser yield? I forgot. Either way, organic mainly means that the food has not been sprayed with chemicals (concerning plants). We’re talking pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and so on and so forth. Even though we’re not spraying with DDT anymore (which, by the way, they thought to be safe at the time of using it), what the hell are we spraying with? Not something that makes bugs survive, that’s for sure.

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