Random observations, some blood, and some fainting

So America is still standing. In fact I think it seems like things are going pretty well over here. I see a lot of change from 2 years ago in terms of people exercising like mad and choosing farmers markets over Wal-Mart, and yet Colorado is one of the healthiest states. I think it might be the one with the lowest rates of obesity.


One of the buildings of the hospital where I’m at

Yes it is, I looked it up. With it was also grouped lowest in diabetes and sedentary lifestyles. But how could one resist being active here? Even when I lived here a few years ago and wasn’t interested in health the way I am now, I wanted to hike and climb and be outdoors. The nature here is just too beautiful to resist being a part of. Now we just have to get come cars off and bikes on the road; because the traffic is definitely just as, if not more, congested.

Terrifying mountain biking in Morrison with newfound friend

Moving on to fake nature but still paired with genuine well-being; I got up at the crack of dawn yesterday to go to yoga in the botanical gardens, which was epic. Not too difficult to be able to keep up with at such an early hour, but still no walk in the park – that was for afterwards, because we got a free entrance to the gardens with the yoga session. What a great way to start the day — I thought nothing would burst that bubble, until I realized, on my way to work, that I was going to have that darn blood draw done when I got there.


B gardens

Even though I managed to remind myself that I should make use of that nice mind space that the morning helped create, and just OHMMM my way through it all, it ultimately didn’t work out. I tried. I made it through the actual drawing (4 tubes for a study; 2 tubes for testing my values and checking for diseases), but when I was on my way to go lie down afterwards my legs weren’t holding me anymore, and I was all of a sudden dreaming, as if it was already night time. I dreamt that I’d chickened out and not done the blood draw, and I was really disappointed with myself. Then I came to it, found myself on the floor, and was again a bit disappointed that I hadn’t been able to make it like 3 yards out of the labs to lie down and get my feet up before crashing.


Did it.

I don’t know what it is about having syringes stuck in me. I don’t think I could handle doing it to someone else, either – and it’s a little bit worrying to me as I’m half planning on becoming a doctor. I know I wouldn’t have to do it once I’m through my education, but during it there’d be lots of that stuff going on. The weird thing is that it’s not the blood, and it’s not sharp objects in conjunction with humans in general – I can handle wounds, cutting, yada yada, I dissected a human arm for christ’s sake. Maybe I need more exposure to get over it, and I started working on that already by spending time in the phlebotomy lab, which is the place where people go to get drawn.


Serum tube. You can only see the red part at the bottom here, but I’ll say this much… My serum was crystal clear 🙂

I’m really glad I got it done though, because we put the samples into different machines to test my levels of nutrients, proteins, enzymes, lipids, solutes, diseases, you name it, and I’ll put the results up in another post… Is the vegan diet working or not? Stay tuned 😉



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