Micronutrients abound

Well, that took about forever, didn’t it? I feel like apologizing to myself because there have been a few opportunities for me to write, in the moment, to capture something that has passed. However, I’m too stubborn to deviate from the plan I laid out, and the plan was that I would scan and share my blood chemistry panel results. But no regrets. The results are fresh in from the scanner. Now, I wish I could comment more on them, but to not say something that is totally erroneous, I should perhaps stick to saying that all is good; I’m healthy.

… I can’t not say anything. Just keep in mind it might be wrong. Maybe I’ll come back in a few months after some more time in one of my classes that is about nutrition and metabolism (so stoked!!) and correct myself. A few other notes first: 1) these are not fasting levels; I don’t know how big of a difference it would make though, and 2) a VEGAN diet rocks, did I ever mention that?

Albumin – a protein made by the liver which aids in the movement of small molecules (such as bilirubin, calcium, and medications) through the blood. If the levels of albumin are increased (which mine aren’t really, but my hypochondriac brain needed to look into it since they’re not low anyway), it might indicate that 1) one is dehydrated, which I am definitely not, 2) that the tourniquet was on for very long during the draw, which it wasn’t, because my veins were popping out as is was anyway, or 3) that one consumes a high protein diet… But how can that be possible I mean I don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs. I must be sick.

Alkaline phosphatase – an enzyme mainly made by the liver, so one might want to check these levels in a patient that has a suspected liver disease. I thought my value was low, but when I looked into it I found another range of normal that started in the forties, and if so, I’m not worried. The funny thing was that one of the reasons listed for having a low value was protein deficiency.


I’d also like to take a few lines to emphasize the holistic nature of health, because I realize that I many times, in particular in conversations, tend to go a little loco and mainly focus on dietary components and not so much on the bigger picture. I do believe that one’s diet is the main deciding factor in how one appears physically, and that it by all means affects the various chemical concentrations in our bodies which in turn affects our well-being, yet I also know that the decisions we make with regards to our patterns of consumption to a great extent stems from how we feel and how we choose to live our lives, both in the physical and mental realms. If one is stressed and doesn’t take the time to exercise both one’s body and spirit, one’s patience and capacity to love, then the end result will not be a motivation to fuel one’s cells with wholesome goodness. There needs to be time set aside for contemplation of cause and effect, and for calibration of the mind, or else it becomes a blunt blade. And no-one wants to have surgery with a blunt blade, sedated or not. It’ll leave nasty scars.

Shall I stop being so vague, then? I can’t. Actions speak louder than words, and all I can say is that the only thing we should fear is fear itself, so whether it concerns trying out a healthier diet, a new way of exercising (or starting anything at all), starting to listen to oneself, listening more carefully to others, embarking on an adventure, taking a risk, telling the unadulterated truth — just try. It might turn out fantastic, and you might even like it. Terrifying? No. The first step is always the most difficult one to take.



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