… of energy, of protein, of micronutrients.

Increasingly, I turn to superfoods and home-made juices when I feel like my energy is waning, instead of coffee. Here’s one way to boost your energy; super-balls! They’re (almost) raw, and, of course, vegan. What I love about raw cooking is that it’s so easy, so adaptable, and almost impossible to mess up. You don’t have to worry about any precise measurements or cooking/baking times – if it looks good for the goal that you’re aiming for, then you’re probably golden, and it’s unlikely to taste bad if you like the ingredients that you’ve put in.

As far as plant-based eating goes, I think it’s magical. Some water, some soil, some sunshine, and BAM, there you go. Light transformed into nourishment.

This recipe can easily be made 100% raw by substituting the (spelt) oats for hemp seeds/other nuts, or whatever you’d like. In the same way you can also make it gluten free. The sky isn’t the limit; there is none. But, I personally find it to be easier to start experimenting if I have a guide/recipe as a starting point, so here goes (the measurements are all approximate – I don’t measure. Just aim for getting the texture of the finished “dough” to be “rollable”. If it’s not that sticky, add more of any of the sticky ingredients or try simply pressing the stuff into a pan and chill for a bit, then cut into bars!).

2 dl almonds
1/2 dl flax seeds (I used a mix of brown and golden. Unlike chia seeds, flax seeds need to be broken up to be utilized by the body)
pinch of salt, if you want (pink himalayan? :))
-> run in food processor until it’s as coarse as you like it. I go until the almonds are about the size of flax seeds.

~ 10 dates, pitted,
~ 1 dl raisins,
~ 3 tbsp cacao (raw. Processed cocoa isn’t comparable..)
~ 1 tbsp maca
~ 3 tbsp cold-pressed virgin coconut oil
-> process until just incorporated

1 dl oats,
1/2 dl pumpkin seeds
-> process until everything is blended and seems to be just a bit stickier than you’d like it. If it’s too dry, add more dates/raisins/coconut oil.

add some goji berries, more pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds, about 1 dl in total, and mix it in with a spoon.

Pour shredded coconut on a plate, form balls out of the mix and roll them in the coconut. Store in the fridge.

Nutrient-dense energy bombs are ready and at your disposal! Me and the balls are off to nutrition & metabolism class.

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