“When I grow up…”

The other day, my class was cancelled unexpectedly and I got thrown off balance because I don’t like it when that stuff happens if I have my day all planned out. But it did cause me to have a five minute burst of uninterrupted thoughts, that I thought I’d share.

One thing that’s really rather annoying about growing up, is that it becomes awkward to say “when I grow up…” in conversations.
I guess it doesn’t relate so much to the actual saying, but to how it indicated that you are an adult who despite having the options and possibilities of creating your dream life at your disposal still haven’t embarked on that journey.
It becomes worse. If the only thing that stood between me and my ideal life was myself and my own laziness, that would be easy (easier) to deal with. The truth, I feel, is that we’re now crippled by the knowledge that, being who we are, we can do anything we want, and that your life occupation, be it one track or ten different ones, really only have one prerequisite: it should be focused around your passion(s).
It should be the manifestation of what really makes you tick; otherwise, as we’re too well aware of, not only are you going to spend about 25% of this life doing something that you’d rather substitute for something else, but you’re also going to “harm” others in the process.
This happens because (1) you won’t do that job as well as you would do the job that is the manifestation and practical application of your passions, and that less-than-optimal outcome will affect the people that use your services in some way, and (2), because there is, in all likelihood, someone who’s life passion is what you’re doing, and is denied that position because someone else (“you”) is occupying it.
In a world where you can do anything, as long as you set your mind to it, and where it’s of utmost importance that what you set your mind to is really what you’re burning for at the moment; how do you find your way (before you’re dead, and preferably before it becomes awkward to say “when I grow up…”)?

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