A lil update on that milk-story

It’s been a little while since that law suit against the oat milk company Oatly by 2 Swedish dairy companies. In short, all the charges against Oatly have been cleared for the moment. If they hadn’t, .. Holler, calves are cute and I don’t understand why we stick our heads in the sand when the continuation of the dairy industry inescapably equals the continuation of the calf holocaust.


I mean, how can consuming dairy be worth it, when thousands and thousands of these little fellas are slaughtered every day for it? Ethical or humane dairy products or veal is a total oxymoron, in my opinion. Here you can see figures for 2008 on the number of (male) calves that were slaughtered per week in Sweden, by age (most are sent on their way to greener pastures after about 1 year of life).

A lil’ oat milk company vs. the big dairy industry… It’s like David and Goliath. The amusing part of it is that Oatly’s sales went up by almost 20% during the two weeks that followed the law suit. It’s surely easier to increase your sales like that if you’re a small company, and we’ll see how these figures change in the future. The main courtroom discussions aren’t starting until in a year from now. Maybe we’ve already liberated all the cows then.

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