Watch yo face — milk propaganda is about to hit a screen near you

Remember that BMJ article from last year which reported that the results from a couple of Swedish cohorts indicated that milk consumption was correlated with increased fractures and overall mortality? Either way, the dairy lobbyists have finally sprung into action with a plan of launching a campaign called “Get Real“, which is intended to soak social media channels in posts about the nutritional benefits (?) of milk (from cows).

Can we just stop and have a look at the title of this campaign? Get Real?! Really? That’s a play on words, indicating that dairy milk is the only real milk (and I bet they think this is going to sink in well in these times of ‘getting back to authenticity’ and all that), but let me pose the following question: how real will the campaign seem to those who know that ‘milk’, ‘cheese’, and ‘butter’ to name a few are words also used naturally for other products and not only those that are used for the same causes as dairy milk products? Peanut butter (pindakaas). Lactic acid (melkzuur/mjolksyra). I genuinely wonder if the proponents of dairy themselves have faith in what they’re doing, if this is the best they can do. Let’s ban coconut water! It’s not water!!¬†

The fact that dairy milk may be extremely dense in nutrients does not by any means work as a reason in favor of drinking it. I’d almost claim the opposite. It’s our mindset that fucks things up — the more the better, and nothing is enough. Why would a human being that has left its infancy (or that is free of chewing or GI tract complications) ever need to consume a drink like that? We start being able to eat real food of different kinds with different nutritional compositions for a reason. Just because there exists enteral nutrition solutions (tube feeding) which contain all nutrients you need, it doesn’t mean that people want to have it instead of food because the sludge is so damn nutritionally dense. Ludicrous. No, I personally suspect that the ‘nutrition hype’ which is spreading like a plague make people believe that the more nutritionally dense something is, the better it is to consume. As an added bonus, it’s not unlikely that some interpret it as something that will make it ok to keep eating empty-calorie junk food, as long as you manage to put a little superfood on top of your growth hormone- and antibiotics-laden dairy yoghurt (I don’t mean to equate yoghurt with junk food here, but I’d recommend a banana-avocado-blueberry-date smoothie over yoghurt any day).

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