You know what I’m sick of? You guessed it: fake food. It might seem hypocritical coming from someone who loves candy and who has no shame in her game when it comes to having things like Tofurky, Daiya, and Earth Balance – the list goes on -, but there’s a difference. The point I wish to make, is that I’d appreciate it if I was able to make informed decisions when it comes to my consumption habits without having to make it the task of my life/become a detective.

Simple scenario 1: you cut up some fruit to bring with you wherever you’re going that day. A few hours later you want your snack and you whip out the container. Your fruit is brown (well, no not if it’s citrus/kiwi/pineapple/bla bla/something else with enough vitamin c that’ll oxidize first but you get my point OK!?) and it’s ok. Aesthetically, you might have wished that it wasn’t. Maybe you’re one of those people that squeeze lemon juice over your apple slices. Anyway.
Another day 1: you’re out and you forgot to bring a snack so you go into a store and buy a fruit cup. The fruit cup doesn’t contain any soggy or brown-ish fruit, even though it’s probably not freshly cut, and the label says that it’ll be good for sale for another five days. Dafuq?

Simple scenario 2: You make a big smoothie that you can’t finish, so you store it in the fridge for a couple of hours. When you go to retrieve it and finish the sucker off, it tastes much worse.
Another day 2: You buy an Innocent/Nakd/whatever smoothie, the container of which claims that there is NO MONKEY BUSINESS I REPEAT NO MONKEYS IN OUR BUSINESS. But the smoothie is basically old and it’ll stay good for weeks still.

Simple scenario 3: I stop providing examples since the point has been made.
Another day 3: You read this article.

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