Where do I buy..?

I constantly run into recipes containing ingredients which I am clueless as to where they can be acquired. Therefore I thought I would list some retailers where I get my more uncommon products. In fact, there’s not much of a list at all; if I’m in Holland, there are essentially four places that I go to, namely EkoPlaza, Vegabond (at Leliegracht – they’re AWESOME) and Unlimited Health (which is also a great place for yoga). At U.H., I get raw cacao, maca, buckwheat, protein powder, flax seeds, and raw spices such as turmeric. The reason? They’re cheaper than the other two stores that I mentioned.

(At the time I wrote this, the mainstream supermarket – AH – hadn’t started to carry most of these things that I mention on this page. However, they’ve recently stepped up their game, so you may not have to venture to any special store at all, depending on what you’re looking for of course. If you want cheese you’re better off going to Marqt!)

At E.P./B.M. I get all the rest, like goji berries, chia seeds, wheatgrass, spirulina, nutritional yeast, etc. I recently discovered this site, iHerb, which is a gold mine. It’s affordable (the shipping, too!), even cheaper than E.P./B.M., and is where I’ll get virgin coconut oil and stevia extract and vegan marshmallows and Annie’s salad dressing and .. yeah. When I run out of my stash that I brought from the States last time. Getting too excited for this, after all it involves some serious shipping and that’s never good?

For dates and raw almonds and cashews, I suggest going to one of the Turkish supermarkets.

In Sweden, there’s this special store located in Majorna that sells all the aforementioned things. Since I’m not in Sweden (Gothenburg) for more than a few weeks each year, I don’t know too much about the scene, but there are pages to help you out.

In the U.S., life’s easy. So easy. One word: SPROUTS! Or Trader Joe’s. Possibly Whole Foods, but preferably not. If in Denver, I’d recommend stopping by NOOCH.


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